Is there till exist racism?
It's obviously correct answered. Just covering the facts which cause variety problem to debate in the world. But now living in other country that I can feet that one.
Of course, I'm not putting on a par with critical society problem in the past. It also have aspect of this characteristic problem that people who from other country with audacious proud that just they from Europe.
Im Asian. When I was going to home at night just alone to use traffic translation that runs all night to the city. Some people passed by me with telling something to me that I tried to ignore them what they said but It was enough to understand that meaning was bed.

Before came to London, I have no idea about racism as least. Because It's except me at that time. But now Im totally understand and curious about that one why racism was occurred.

In the world there is always powerful country having authority rule the world that usually was European and also Asia county usually had included colony.
It's really not important things and Korea was colony just to Japan.
But ignoring that things normally European people have sort of proud themselves better than Asian.

I didn't know about my case that I have also racism which also thought about that and treated ignore or excepted other countries people when I was in Korea. That was I haven't had experience about living together other country that is my excuse.

So, racism is from very old and historical problem that none know there is possible to solve this one forever or not.

But now, Im not hope to get rid of a little bit racism that could be impossible.
I just want people to have at least respectful mind can understand variety people that living together in the world.

If there exist actually grate race, it is necessary personality to have generous and kindly behavior for other county people at least.

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